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About Your Instructor, James Sancimino

James is New York City born and now lives in Ohio with his wife, Leah and their 8 cats.

He has been in Computer Assisted Design Drafting (CADD) for over 20 years with extensive experience in both 2D and 3D design drafting.

He has been working in the Architectural, Structural and Mechanical Construction Profession for over 20 years.

He enjoys teaching the skill to others and is more than willing to assist you with this course as much as you may need.

What Others are Saying about Revit for Newbies...

James has produced one heck of a good course! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to break into 3D modeling.
Adam Jackson, Miami FL

Revit for Newbies is the kind of course that's easy to follow and  understand and has excellent personal help when needed.
Christina Morillo, Columbus OH

What You Will Learn:

Here is a quick breakdown of just some of what you will learn in Revit for Newbies!

James introduces you to the Revit software interface and its basic functions.

Then he moves you on to creating your first 3D model.

Next, you learn how to create a 3D family with an extrusion and how to insert and use it in your 3D model.

Moving on from there, James shows you how to to creat a 3D void within a Family.

From there, you will learn what Work Planes are and where and how to use them in your 3D model.

Plus, James teaches you how to create Drafting and other views that will be placed in 2D sheets.

Then you will learn about 2D sheets in Revit and how they are similar, yet different from AutoCAD sheets.

James will show you how to add views, text and dimensions to the sheets.

Finally, James created a neat bonus video that you will absolutely love!

Want to know Some benefits from enrolling in Revit for Newbies?

This is just the "Tip of the Iceberg"!

You will learn a new skill that is in high demand in many industries like Architectural firms, Construction firms, Media Companies, Structural firms and more.

You can take this new skill and become a freelancer and start to work for yourself.

You could go further with that turning it into a full-time business. The sky is truly the limit.

You will have a highly bankable skill even if you are already in one of the aforementioned industries as a 2D drafter or similar.

By bankable I mean you'll have the potential to command a higher salary than before or higher freelancing fees from clients.

How many more can YOU think of?!

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Limited Time Offer! Don't Delay!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have Revit installed to learn this couse?

No. While it would be very helpful to have Revit installed to work along with the lessons, you don't need it to to benefit from this course.

Can I contact my Instructor, James, if I get stuck or need help with anything?

Yes. You most certainly can. Scroll down, below, to any webpage footer in the course and click "Contact".

Can I learn at my own pace?

Yes. The couse is designed for you to learn at your own pace! No rush here, ever.

Do I need to buy Revit before I take this course?

No. You can download a free 30 day trial of Revit at the Autodesk website.

Why is it important for me to learn Revit and 3D design?

Most, if not all, the engineering and construction companies, doing business today, are switching to 3D (Revit) from 2D. If you plan to get a job or start a business in this industry or want to move up in your current drafting and/or engineering/contruction job, learning Revit 3D design is the way to go!

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